Dawnbreaker mounted.

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An early screenshot of the Blackwood region of Cyrodiil.

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Riften - The Ragged Falgon now with a second version
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KS Hairdos has been released on nexus! 265 hairs!

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kentuckyfriedkrogan said:
Hadvar,Tulius,Ulfric,Hermaeus Mora,Quill Weave


okay, lets go

Erhm, Marry Hadvar, Fuck Ulfric, Kiss Tulius, Cuddle Quill-Weave (I’m guessing it’s the argonian from Anvil?), and Get Drunk With Hermaeus Mora (because it wouldn’t be the first Daedra I share drinks with, so why not)

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#oh gods could you imagine cuddling Mora? #ew ew or fucking him?? #I have seen enough hentai to know I would not like it #probably #meeeh but the others are fine #kentuckyfriedkrogan #answers
Marry, Fuck, Kiss, Cuddle, Get Drunk With send me FIVE names.
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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Civilian Cosplay

By Asakura

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The newest of my ragged bunch, Roz Lafey!

A pirate queen spawn from the Isles about 300 years ago, she’s rough, tough, vulgar, and all around bratty. Oh, and she just loves to experiment with berries for odd hair colors. Roz is a mix breed of altmer and dunmer; it was not a planned breeding is all I will say (for now).

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Meeting the Family with Roz Lafey!

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